Facts Are Boring [podcast]

About the Author:

Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones is the Berkman Center's Digital Media Producer and producer of Radio Berkman

On the podcast for Radio Berkman we tear apart the difference between Truth, Fact, and Evidence, and the quiet, but irreplaceable, role of the humble factchecker in our media:

  • Author/factchecker Jim Fingal on the Lifespan of a Fact
  • Former GQ intern and factchecker Gillian Brassil on how factcheckers get paid to watch True Blood
  • Veteran Atlantic Monthly factchecking department head Yvonne Rolzhausen on the underinvestment of media resources for factchecking
  • David Weinberger, author of the recent book Too Big To Know on what a fact is¬†and why they don’t make for good storytelling

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