Thank You!

Dear All,

Many thanks for your participation in our “Truthiness in Digital Media” Symposium and Hack Day on March 6-7. It was an exciting opportunity to advance a shared understanding of the challenges of discerning trustworthiness, bad facts and framing, and to consider our own biases in the context of the increasingly complicated networked media ecosystem. Our progress was fueled by diverse and talented group of people who lead and engaged in the sessions. Indeed, we offer our most hearty thanks for your insights, energy and commitment.

We are happy to report excellent feedback since the meeting — including news that at least one group plans to host another event in this unintentional (ie, independently-organized series). For our part, we’ve updated the website with additional outputs and reports from the day, including many new blogposts added during and just after the conference, as well as Storify pages for each session (essentially a brief summary of each segment and corresponding tweets, YouTube videos, and other visual materials), links are below.

There is a trove of video/audio materials as well, and we’ll be releasing groups of those each week over the next month or so, as we finish their production. The Youtube playlist can be found here and we’ll also continue to update the conference website as new video clip becomes available (video clips are also hyperlinked to the Agenda page on the website). You can keep yourself updated on digital media that’s posted to our website by subscribing to Berkman’s weekly events and digital media email newsletter. The Berkman Center also produced a podcast in advance of the event as part of its Radio Berkman series.

Again, thank you very much for joining us. Please be in touch with any questions or other follow up, and keep us posted on your progress in this space — there remains a lot of work to be done.

Warm regards,

The Berkman and Civic Media Teams

= = =